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ecoSmart: The Next Chapter

ecoSmart: The Next Chapter

The next phase of River Oaks will include new community and housing opportunities for Paso Robles as Estrella expands their ecoSmartsm practices to an entire master planned community.

Based on the principles of LEED for Neighborhood Development and ecoSmartsm, River Oaks: The Next Chapter will:

  • Develop near existing communities to avoid sprawl
  • Conserve water and natural resources
  • Promote energy savings
  • Promote design for walkability
  • Promote water savings through building and landscape design
  • Percolation of storm water flow
  • Implement construction waste management
  • Reduce Heat Island effect
  • Conservation of water bodies and native vegetation
  • Implementation of low impact drainage strategy
  • Use of recycled content for buildings and public infrastructure
  • Selection of regional materials and resources

While we continue to grow and build new neighborhoods, our commitment to the community will not change. Land and natural resources are irreplaceable and our dedication to the environment is steadfast. Estrella Associates' communities are designed with a commitment to natural resource conservation, energy savings and an overall goal of providing and Exceptional Experience for our residents and community. Designing, building and operating sustainable neighborhoods, homes and facilities is a fundamental principle of our business - It is ecoSmartsm