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Estrella Associates takes pride in incorporating an environmentally responsible approach into all of our activities, from land development to vertical construction. We call it ecoSmartsm, an approach that is a core value for us. But construction is not the only area in which we strive to be ecoSmartsm. Estrella Associates also owns and maintains several of the community and commercial properties in the River Oaks community. We are applying our ecoSmartsm knowledge to the maintenance and operations of these buildings to ensure Exceptional Experiences.

Every product we use has been assessed, from cleaning products to paper goods to interior materials, to ensure we are maximizing natural resource conservation and energy savings. Environmentally friendly cleaning items have replaced many of the traditional cleaning products. We are balancing providing an Exceptional Experience and being ecoSmartsm in terms of the paper goods used in our buildings. We have even extended ecoSmartsm principles to building maintenance, finding ways to replace broken or worn items with new products that work toward preserving our area’s resources.

We hope to prove that being ecoSmartsm does not have to result in a reduction of the Exceptional Experience in any way. Click here to find simple ecoSmartsm recipes you can use in your everyday life! Keep checking for more details about our ecoSmartsm operations as we continue to implement them.