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ecoSmartsm is Estrella’s definition of an integrated approach to incorporating environmental sustainability into land planning and development, vertical construction, and operations. Our belief that following an integrated approach will yield much greater results rather than focusing on individual elements. 

Sustainability and natural resource conservation have always been foremost in the planning and design of our communities. We address many factors such as: steep slope preservation, walkable streets, mixed income communities, recreational facilities, low impact drainage, water efficiency and reduction of heat island effect. Our existing River Oaks community has been created using these principles. 

Green construction is the most widely recognized element of the ecoSmartsm approach. We analyze the following construction process: building envelope, energy performance, water demand, material selections, indoor air quality, and construction waste recycling to maximize benefits to the environment using a whole building approach. It is paramount to provide a product that is efficient, free of harmful toxins, but also visually appealing at an affordable price. Through a value engineering process and green checklist, we strive to provide the best quality product that is feasible. We have been doing this for years, not because it’s trendy or popular, but because it’s the right thing to do. 

The Cottages at River Oaks neighborhood is a shining example of how the proper selection of efficient building materials can result in a 30% savings in home energy costs. River Oaks Center, our innovative commercial center, is San Luis Obispo County’s first commercial building to receive a Gold pre-certification from the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED-CS) Core & Shell green building rating system.

While we will continue to grow and build new neighborhoods, our commitment to the community will not change. Land and natural resources are irreplaceable and our dedication to the environment is steadfast.

Our operations philosophy is the third element of our ecoSmartsm approach. We felt it was prudent for the operations of our facilities to reach the same goals as land planning, development and construction. For example, why go through the effort of recycling over 75% of the waste generated during the construction process if we are not going to have a comprehensive recycling program once the facility is in operation? We have assessed our operations to ensure we are maximizing resource conservation, indoor environmental quality, energy, & water conversation, while still providing an Exceptional Experience to our customers.

Our neighborhoods connect people to the beauty of the Central Coast and help protect and enhance the overall health, natural environment and quality of life in San Luis Obispo County. It’s just one more way we Create Exceptional Experiences. We call this ecoSmartsm. The people who live here call it home.